Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to the DDI Blog

Design Division, Inc. (DDI) has specialized in the design of museum and visitor center exhibits and site interpretive signs since 1994. We are always on the lookout for interesting museums and historic sites, and other intriguing places, and will write about them here, along with posts about our work from the past and present. You can visit our website at: for more information about the firm.

One of our recent projects was the design of visitor center exhibits and site interpretive signs for Mount Greylock State Reservation (13,500 acres), located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. One of the visitor center exhibits includes a monitor (located inside the visitor center at the base of the mountain as part of a climate exhibit) that displays a live video feed from a video camera located on the summit. The monitor also displays the weather data from weather stations located at both the summit and the visitor center. There is usually a 10 degree difference between the two places. The summit is also the southern most tip of the boreal forest in North America, and usually experiences some severe weather and significant snowfall. You can see the camera feed live here:

Here are a couple of images of the climate exhibit with the weather station monitor in the center.